Charlie Rosenbaum for Judge

Court of Common Pleas.

I Stand For

Unanimously Endorsed by the F.O.P. Pennsylvania State Police Lodge #37

Thank you for visiting my website

I welcome this opportunity.

In this website, I’m going to tell you who I am, what I believe in and why I hope to earn your vote.

About Me

I am Charlie Rosenbaum. I’m 47 years old. I’ve three beautiful daughters. I attended Lower Moreland High School, the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University School of Law.

I was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in the Year 2001 and the New Jersey Bar in 2000.
And I’ve been a lawyer – in court – everyday for twenty three years

I represent many different types of people

I represent people with different cultures, different ethnicities, different religions, and different races. And I represent my clients equally.

I represent mothers and fathers who have children in foster care

Some of my clients are addicted to drugs, some may need to stabilize their mental health and some need suitable housing.


I represent people with different cultures, different ethnicities, different religions, and different races. And I represent my clients equally.

I’ve earned the respect of my colleagues, the clerks, the social workers and the judges.

I am part of a team of people, Sheriff Deputies, law clerks, housekeeping staff, counselors, social workers and lawyers and judges who all work for the welfare of children.

And in my humble opinion, nothing can be more noble.

I believe I can be a good judge. A good judge is fair and honest and brave. I believe in fairness, honesty and bravery.

What does it mean to be fair? How do you learn to be fair? You learn to be fair the same way you learn to play the violin or the piano or the way you learn to be a bricklayer. You learn to be fair by having fair teachers. And I have had lots of fairness teachers. For the last twenty three years I’ve attended court every day. I’ve seen thousands of cases. I’ve watched the judges carefully. Fair judges let the Rule of Law Decide the Case.

Fair judges see many ethnicities, cultures, religions and races and treat everyone equally. I’ve learned from the fair judges I’ve watched. And I’m grateful to say my parents were fair to me and my sisters. And my teachers were fair. I learned fairness from my parents and my teachers.

Michelangelo painted this Sistine Chapel in Rome in the early 1500s.

Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. But Michelangelo benefited from thousands of artisans and craftsmen that came before him. There were artisans who experimented with different colors and oils.

There were craftsman that developed different brushes, different bristles, different brush lengths and different brush styles. Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel and benefited from layers of thinkers that came before him.

I use this analogy to explain how we all have learn from layers of thinkers who came before us.


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I seek your vote

I have long adhered to values of respect for institutions, respect for law and order, patriotism and respect for family values.

I’d like you to vote for me Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

You may wonder why I wear a bow tie.

I started wearing a bow tie when I graduated law school. This bow tie, this garment is a reminder for me to make good choices.

Every day I put on my bowtie, I remind myself to do the best I can with what I have where I’m at.

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